Sunday, August 3, 2014

Funky Town

I just typed up a huge post, and then decided to save it as a draft. Maybe I'll share it another time, but I'm hoping I won't. I'll explain another time.

The weather this weekend was atypical for San Diego. It was gloomy, and then I felt gloomy. Ryan and I made plans for a couples massage Friday, and then when we got to the place they informed us that they would have us get our massages done next door to each other. This isn't a big deal, but that's not what was said over the phone... so we left. After calling legit every spa in San Diego, we finally found one that had an opening for us. It was on Coronado island, and so we spent early and spent some time there. 

See how gloomy and grey? It was windy too. Come on california, I'm in a funk and needed sunshine to get out of it!

Well, the sunshine obviously wasn't available, so I took the next best things. Cupcakes and flowers. 

Oh, and this too... Our first time. A california must. Don't be afraid to go #AnimalStyle

And with all that fun, it's already Sunday evening and past my bedtime. I spent all say cooking meals for Ryan and I for this week. That worked out for us last week, so I'm trying to stick with it. Please send some positive vibes my way. I promise I'll share what this funk is about as soon as I can. 

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