Thursday, August 14, 2014

Safari Park

Sorry if my last post kept anyone hanging! I am still getting used to my work schedule, and work life in general. We've done our best to keep busy and have fun on days off, though! This past weekend, we went to the Safari park with my brother and his girlfriend. None of us had been before, and there was an awesome deal on groupon so I got 3 tickets. Ryan got in for free (same with the zoo) which was great. I LOVE how with such a big military presence here, it seems like companies go above and beyond to thank them for their service! I'm so proud of Ryan's service and I love when others are too!

And just to add to the excitement of last weekend, We discovered Posh has fleas. She's never around other animals and doesn't go outside, but apparently this is a problem in San Diego. After a quick call to the vet, we have the problem under control... but I'm still grossed out and sad for her! She seems to be feeling a lot better!

AND finally, after having to get a rental car for 2 weeks, our other two cars arrived in San Diego!

I'm off work today, and I'm so excited it's almost the weekend! So maybe this post was more than just the "safari park," but I've never been good at titles anyway... Happy Thursday y'all! 

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