Saturday, August 30, 2014

Staycation Part 1

What the... tomorrow is literally the last day of August! Everyone's mourning the end of summer and school starting again, and I'm just like "I live in California, it's always summer here." Ok, ok... so I know that's not exactly true, but I can bet my bottom dollar I won't need to use a snow shovel or brush this year, and that's truly awesome.

Our "staycation" is well underway! Yesterday we went to Sea World, using our free passes. I can't believe the entry is normally $84/person. It wasn't busy at all, and we had a great time. We followed with dinner at our favorite fish taco place in PB.

Today we woke up early and tried out some Stand-up Paddleboarding. It was Ryan's first time, and he did really well! We went for a solid 2 hours. We then went to a classic diner spot in La Jolla, Harry's. We got milkshakes and then came home and watched a movie. Tomorrow we have reservations for a couples massage, and then we will probably relax and clean the rest of the day. We still have all day Monday too! Four day weekends are seriously the best. I wish they were all this long!! So much time to have fun, be responsible, and rest!!!!

PS just warning everyone that my visor is probably going to be in every picture from now on. I spent weeks looking for one I liked, and then ended up getting it on ebay... I love it and am probably going to end up getting a few more!! 

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