Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dinner for Four

Today was amazing. I'm beginning to realize that any day I go for a swim on the beach, the day is amazing.

Knowing that parking is competitive at my favorite beach, I left the house at 9:00am and was at the beach until 3... 6 hours! Granted, I went for a long walk, got a milkshake, and swam... And I didn't get a burn! Wins all around. While at the beach, I came up with my grocery list and decided to invite my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner. They follow a gluten free diet, which is no big deal cuz I've been following one too.

Fast forward and my brother tells me they are following a paleo diet... So I immediately had to switch up my menu. It's pretty crazy that with all of our diets, we could still have a meal... And even crazier that I could actually prepare it seeing that I'm a novice in the kitchen! The menu was accommodated a gluten free vegetarian (me), two paleo dieters (and no gluten or dairy... not sure if that's paleo anyway or not), and a carb loader (my husband). The meal included "build your own" burgers, with most of us doing so on a bed of lettuce. If you're me, you skipped the burger and went with a fried egg. David and Marlene had an egg and burger pattie for some mega protein.

Side dishes included the easiest, yet yummiest veggies: baked broccoli and baked brussel sprouts, seasoned with garlic, sea salt, and pepper. Yum! No leftovers of those! 

Dessert was good old fashioned fudgesicles from whole foods. They are seriously my favorite, and for 100 calories you can't say no... well you can, if you're on a paleo diet... Sorry guys!

I'm still learning this whole "entertaining" thing, but I'm pretty pleased with tonight's cuisine!

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