Friday, September 5, 2014


I have no complaints. This week flew by... and here we are again, Friday! Does anyone else get a little extra bounce in their step Fridays?! If you're going to give me bad news, Friday is definitely the day to do it... Mondays are the worst!

Ryan and I are running a 5k together this weekend! Since arriving to California, I've really tried to get more in shape. I'm watching what I set, and trying to exercise regularly. Did I mention that I got an elliptical?! I sincerely hope I can push through the 3.1 miles on Sunday and not give up to walk at all! I know I can, mind over body.

Let me be perfectly blunt about my next topic... I'm so sick of having acne. I'm turning 25 in November, and I would really really love to have a clearer complexion! I don't have a super severe case, but it pretty much always am breaking out around my chin. I don't want to take anything harsh, so my sister sent me some face wash and cream from the Medispa where she works. I'm trying my best to get this under control!

That's really all I have for now, but I wanted to pop in before I get busy this weekend and forget to blog! I use this space as a journal for myself that I frequently reference to reminisce about what we've been up to, and it's no fun to look back and see hardly any posts! Here are a few pictures of our home before I go. Have a great weekend!

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