Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heat wave

There is quite a heat wave coming through San Diego right now! I've never been so thankful to go to work (where the AC is so cold you need a sweater). We are keeping our fingers crossed that it's almost over, because we don't have AC at our house since normally, you don't need it. I wish we had it right noe though, especially since I'm off today. It's hard to be productive when it's 90 degree in your house! We are currently camped out in our office where we have a window AC unit.

Today I was off, so naturally I went to the beach to keep cool. It's turning into my normal routine. I especially love going during the week, when it's quiet and secluded. 

Dinner took place at our favorite fish taco spot, PB Fish Shop. If you're local, it's a must. Make sure you try at least one taco with the fish shop seasoning, omg... it is THE best. I'm so happy we were introduced to this spot, because it seriously is so good.

And you know, just in case I need a reminder of how close I am to the border, I got this text message. I have yet to go to Mexico, which is funny since it's closer to me than where I work even. 

My poor sweet pea is probably wondering why it's so hot! I keep finding her in dark corners of the house... I think we are all ready for it to cool down a bit! 

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