Monday, September 1, 2014

Staycation Part 2

Next weekend Ryan's "running" a 5k with me. That means he's going to drag his feet to stay with me during the run, lol! But we decided t do a little run yesterday, so we woke up and did just that. Yesterday was very relaxing. We cleaned a bit, did laundry, but our real focus of the day was our couple's massage! We found our spa on groupon a while ago, and we love them. It's on Coronado Island. It's only $118 for a one hour couples massage! A steal for how amazing the massages are! 

We went out for dinner, and got semi involved in a "dine and dash" attempt made by a pitiful young lady. Sooo shitty that people do stuff like that! 

Today we deep cleaned our entire house. Buying cleaning supplies is one of my favorite things to shop for. Seriously, they're always making some new "miracle" cleaning agent and I get suckered in! It feels so good to have a freshly cleaned home! It's crazy how much dirt can hide on surfaces without you even noticing.

We had friends over for dinner, and then I caught up on some trashy reality TV. AND our amazing, 4 day staycation has come to a close :( it's back to work for us tomorrow! But in an effort to be more positive, starting the week on Tuesday makes the next weekend even closer. All in all, I'm in love with my hubby, our home, our Poshcat, and living in San Diego continues to be a dream come true for us! I can't think of a better place for us to be right now. 

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