Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Holiday Recap

Christmas is over! I can't believe how fast it came and went. I'm one of those people who takes down the tree the day after Christmas. I know some people leave theirs up until mid January, but I am always ready to get my house back in order. I switch out to fall decor in September, so by this time I am ready to bring out my normal decorations.

We spent today vacuuming, dusting, rearranging storage items, and overall cleaning the house. I love the fresh feeling of a clean home! I also love my "plain" household items and decorations. I am simplistic and love the subtle but classy look to a home. It feels good to have it this way!

Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful holiday season. It was just Ryan and I, and it was so relaxing. No fuss, just lots of movies, and sleeping in. We went to see Joy on Christmas day. I love the star studded cast and the movie did not disappoint. We also spent lots of time outdoors, and went for a long walk in Coronado. We are talking about buying a house (in like 5-10 years) so we were causally looking at houses in Point Loma. I clarify the 5-10 years though because we are adamant about not getting a "starter" home like many people do. It's a fine option and I understand why it works for some families, just not for us. We have been saving for 3 years for our house fund, but we want a huge downpayment when we find our "forever" home so it will be a few years. It's so fun to check out what is available now though!

Ryan has tomorrow off and I am crossing my fingers that I get cancelled at work... so far, no notice but a girl can dream right? I'm not complaining though because we get another long weekend together next weekend! AND it is our 6 year anniversary. We definitely had the most hurdles this year, but we overcame them and are stronger than ever.

Happy holidays to the blogger community!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Long Weekends

Have I mentioned my work schedule? It's seriously the best. I got two part time jobs and self schedule at both of them, so I work when I want. I am so thankful to be in a profession that allows that type of flexibility. Anyway, I have scheduled long weekends for myself basically every weekend this month.

I've been busy, so I needed the time for planning. I hosted Thanksgiving, and helped with my sister in law's baby shower. This weekend was the first one in a while where I was off work, but had "me" time. This time is precious and healthy, and I need to make it more of a priority. Thursday, I went to Coronado and walked up and down the beach. I smelled the fresh air, and watched the sun glisten off of the ocean. I walked all the way from base to the Hotel Del Coronado. It was refreshing and beautiful. I love that walk, and have done it many times. I listened to Christmas music and reflected on how lucky we are to live in this area.

Yesterday was Ryan's work Christmas party... at Sea World! It was a nice change of pace than what I am used to for military festivities. We had a short and sweet ceremony and dinner, and then enjoyed the park with one of our good friends who is also in Ryan's battalion. He and Ryan served together 7 years ago when Ryan met me, so he's known us since the very beginning!

Today we have been relaxing... totally glorious. Relaxing to me includes cleaning and tidying the house though. I think my husband disagrees with that practice. We have plans to see Star Wars tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. It's been a wonderful weekend, and with the holidays coming up I know the next few weekends will be quite relaxing too!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


This year... the best way to describe it is to say it was tumultuous. It's been a wild journey, with more sad and upsetting moments than happy ones. But you know what? I'm leaving 2015 in the best spirits I've been in all year. It's been a tough one, but I am happier now than I have been. I have clarity and feel grounded. That was something I was not feeling for quite some time, and it's amazing to have that feeling again. My marriage is on track and my career is solid. I'm learning to be more assertive, and to choose people in my life that also choose me.

I am back to blog! I have found that blogging is therapeutic for me. I first started blogging in 2010 when my husband was embarking on a deployment. I've since deleted and then recreated my blog in that time. Getting away from blogging has made me fall out of the community that comes along with it. I still follow the blogs of many people from 5 years ago, but I'm not sharing my story for them to read and I feel like that creates a barrier from me meeting new people through blogging.

Ryan is about to go overseas for a short period of time, and I figured this is a great time to get back in the blogger world. It's not a deployment, more like a lengthy business trip. This will give me a place to talk about what's happening while he is gone.

Rather than try to "catch up" on what's happening in our lives, I'm just going to start new with today. I'm sure past things may come up and fill in the gaps anyway. For now, let's focus on the present and future though! 

With that said, I am excited to share our lives with anyone who is out there reading!!! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Oh my gosh... I am back on the East coast for a visit to my hometown. Since moving to California, whenever I have come back east, I make sure to visit as many people as I can! This trip, I stopped in New York City to visit with one of my best friends from college. 

It was so amazing to sit and catch up with a girlfriend who knows everything about me, and who I can go a year without seeing but pick up right where we left off. I wish we lived closer and could hang out every weekend, but I soaked up as much friend time as I could from the visit and it will have to last a while!!  So far, my only issue with California has been making friends. I work two jobs, and have aquaintences, but I haven't clicked with anyone the way I have with my other friends.

Anyway, practically all of my family and friends live on this side of the country, so while I am here I am squeezing in a lot of visits!!! First off, can I just say it is freezing here!!! Right now the wind is blowing at 50 mph (no exaggeration) and it is raining. It's In the 40s, but I'm so used to my California weather that anything below 60 makes me bring out full Eskimo attire. It's so funny to me and my friends. This isn't even close to how cold it gets, but my California blood does not know how to deal!

My mom is at work right now, so I may drive around town or hit up the mall. It's so strange being back in a place you know so well, but also feel like you don't know at all. It's been so long since I've lived here. I always say I'm "going home" when I come here, but this doesn't feel like home, California does. Sometimes it takes leaving my comfort zone to realize certain things. I am thankful for this time with my family and friends, but I will not be upset when I get to head back to my husband and 70 degree temperatures next week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

What an awesome weekend it was!!! I am so thankful to have weekends off with my husband, especially when they're long weekends!!

We filled our weekend with pool time, movies, a football game to kick off fleet week (USD vs SDSU), cooking together, and enjoying evening walks. 

One of the (many) benefits to living in military housing is that we get to enter into lotteries for tickets to special events. The football gsme and tailgate party were one of those. 

I'm back to work, full force. I am balancing two part time nursing jobs, and it's going well. I actually got a surprise day off today, so I need to come up with something fun to do!! 

Overall, things are going really well here in California. We have some fun weekend plans set for the next few months. At the end of October, I'll be going home to visit family and friends on the east coast. We are still super psyched about getting orders to stay here!! This place really is the best :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Here to Stay

I'm still here. A lot has happened since my last post. New jobs (yes, plural) for me, new orders (Camp Pendleton - sooooooo excited), and a bunch of other stuff too. Let me just say this: it hasn't all been good things. Ryan and I hit probably the lowest point we've ever been in our 5 year marriage. I'm just keeping it real when I say all this. The good news is, we are on a climb uphill and I only see good things on the horizon. We are happy, healthy, and ready for new adventures.

So since April... What's been happening? Well, I finished my contract at UCSD and decided to take some time off to enjoy summer. I just started at another nursing job, and then I am starting back up at my old job (UCSD) in September. I decided from a financial standpoint, it's more lucrative to work per diem (I don't need the healthcare benefits, and the hourly rate is much higher) so I'm going to balance 2 per diem jobs. I'll end up working less but making the same amount, so that's a win in my book. I still have a lot of anxiety about starting the new job, but it know it will get easier with time. After all, this isn't my first time at the rodeo :)

Ryan got orders to camp Pendleton. After much thought, we decided to keep our home in San Diego, and he is commuting via motorcycle to work. I was totally willing to move to Camp P, but he had several points to why staying in San Diego was a better option so I didn't fight it. I'm happy to be in the home we love, near our favorite places, and close to my job. OH! We both got our motorcycle licenses! We bought a brand new motorcycle, which Ryan's been commuting with. I've only taken it out twice alone. I've realized I love being a passenger and am still getting used to riding on my own. It's been a lot of fun though, and I am very thankful to the Navy for letting me complete the training for free with Ryan! If not for that, I probably wouldn't have done it, but I am happy I did.

Ryan and I took our summer vacation this year and went to Catalina island. We didn't have much time to plan, so we decided to do something within the state. When you live in California, that still gives you really good options! We had a really nice time. It was really important for us to go somewhere to relax and spend time together, and Catalina was the best option. We SCUBA dived (or is it dove?) for the first time on a private tour, and it was amazing. We rented a jet ski, and we also rented a golf cart to tour the island. We couldn't believe how tiny it was! It's a great place to run away to for a couple days if you live in the SoCal area. 

My mom visited us for 10 days, which was a blast. We saw a taping of jimmy Kimmel live! spent lots of time at the beach! made homemade jam and pies, and put together my "garden" as I like to call it. 

Now that things have calmed down, I'm sure I'll be posting more often. It's been so hot here in San Diego, and I have to admit I absolutely love it. I've been going to the pool multiple times a week and find it so relaxing to swim and then lay out and dry off!! It's back to school for most of the schools here, but I love being an adult and embracing the "summer never ends" attitude!! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Coconut a Day

Coconuts are so in, at least my house they are! I have been diligent with my workout routine everyday this week, and I'm totally crediting coconuts!

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy one. I figured it would be a yummy treat for myself. After reading the nutrition facts, I could not believe it. So healthy... AND so delicious! So I started buying them 5 or more at a time, and have been enjoying it after I exercise. It's healthier than gatorade, 100% natural with no added sugar, and it's more pleasing to the palate than water (although I have mine in addition to water, this is my post workout treat). You can even dig out some of the coconut meat if you want a little snack! The local market by my house has them for the cheapest I've found, and it's a good thing for my wallet!

Don't walk... run to your local grocery store or palm tree and dive into a coconut! Young coconuts are my favorite, but I've tried the more traditional brown ones (not sure what they're called) as well.

I'm about to head into work. It's FRIDAY and siblings day, so I gotta shout out to my siblings! Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

It's Springtime in Southern California! I just love this time of year! Today Deanne and I both had off of work and decided to check out the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. We had a nice time walking up and down the grounds, checking out the beautiful flowers. My favorites were the roses, of course! I even wore roses on my kimono to dress the part.

I also did some shopping at the local mercado by my house. It's my favorite. The little man that works  at it doesn't speak English, coconuts are $1 each, and avocados are 4 for $1. And they're organic. I love this sweet little spot! I feel like we are at the point in living here where we have our favorite spots figured out. Speaking of favorite spots, I treated myself to a mani/pedi at my favorite nail salon. I picked out some bright, spring colors of course!

It feels like Ryan is deployed because he is gone at school from 6am-11pm all this week. So after work Monday and Tuesday, he wasn't here when I got home from work. It's really strange with him gone, but at least he is coming home at night to sleep LOL! This is a very important week for him and so I hope he maintains some level of energy to get through everything. I would be drained.. oh my goodness. Poor guy. Couples massage is a must this weekend!

I'm currently watching lifetime movies and drinking tea, what else is new! Today was a great day off... and only 2 more work days until the weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

I can't believe I am recapping the weekend... how is it over already?!? It started Friday after work when I went out for a friend's birthday. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning for the "Wives Day" planned with my husband's coworkers' wives. I knew NOBODY prior to going, and several of the wives were close friends. Fortunately, they were sweeties and I felt comfortable. We met up for breakfast at Great Maple in North Park and then went to the zoo.

I was only able to really talk with 3 of the wives. Several had strollers full of children (one mama had two kids in a stroller and was wearing a 3rd, you go girl) and the zoo was super busy so it was hard to connect. I am super happy I went, and I can see myself hanging out with a couple of them in the future. I will say this, and it's not to be offensive or sound uppity. It's just an observation I am reminded of when I hang out with other spouses. I am so thankful for my own identity and attributes. When I describe myself, I don't primarily identify as a "Navy wife." Of course that is on the list, but I feel like I have so many other things going on than that! I am really proud of the life Ryan and I have, and I feel like we have created such a healthy balance regarding ourselves as a couple and as individuals. I have my hobbies, and he has his. We do many things together as a couple, and we also have things we prefer doing alone or with other friends. End philosophy rant.

Saturday night I went to the beach, too. It's supposed to be chilly this week unfortunately... and when I say chilly I mean in the 60s. Oh California, you're too kind. Today I met up with my brother in the morning, and then went to Deanne's for Easter dinner. I brought cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs. It was so nice to have a big meal with our California friends.

I worked out Saturday and Sunday (yay) which is much needed. I seriously love having my own elliptical and am so happy I bought it. My mom tried to dissuade me saying that workout equipment quickly becomes a clothes rack, and I am happy to report that I think she's not right this one time!

Back to work maƱana... Can't wait to check out the Carlsbad flower fields this week! Happy Easter!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I promise I've wanted to blog all week. For real, when I was working out I was literally thinking up an entire entry! But of course if it doesn't actually get typed out, it doesn't count.
Is anyone else guilty of staying up late/sleeping in and "wasting the day away"? I sure am. When we first moved to California, I was still on east coast time and loved it because I was waking up between 7am and 8am every morning! It felt so good to get up and get going that early! But of course, my body eventually adjusted and I started sleeping in until my usual 10-11am timeframe.
Hubby told me I need to train my body on a different sleep schedule, so I have been trying that out. Mainly, I need to stay off of all devices at bedtime. Seriously. I get in bed at a decent hour, but 2 hours later I am still on my iPad and it is such a waste!
Wednesday was one of the first days I got to really force myself to get up and get going! It felt so good being so productive. I took care of groceries, errands, taxes, passport renewal, and other errands in the morning. I finished everything and looked at the time and it was only 11:30am! Such a win in my book. I had the whole rest of the day to do whatever! I cleaned the entire house (dusting, mopping, vacuuming... everything). It looks so good! I washed and folded all of our laundry, and still had the entire evening! I guess most people have figured out the whole "early to bed, early to rise" thing a long time ago. I obviously am just learning it though so I think its exciting!
Rather than plan another blogpost and then never posting it, I am going to go right into some other topics. Yesterday, I also donated my car. I've had this vehicle since I was 19. My grandparents gave it to me. They bought it before I was even born. We actually drove "Reese" from Maryland to California last summer when we moved. Unfortunately, at 25 she started having issues every few months. With two other cars, we decided to donate her to an animal organization. I love animals so much and could not think of a better option!

So Ryan and I are back to being a normal 2 car family, but that doesn't mean he hasn't tried to convince me we need a new motorcycle, jeep, or truck!! 

I came home yesterday to a surprise from my hubby!

Nothing like fresh coconut water!

One more day of work until my very busy weekend. I've got a birthday bar crawl tonight, breakfast and the zoo with other wives from Ryan's work tomorrow, and Easter dinner with friends on Sunday! I'll post a recap for sure. Happy Friday and happy weekend! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mock Housewife

Yesterday I played make believe housewife. I baked fresh bread, cleaned, washed and folded laundry, grocery shopped, and had dinner waiting for my husband when he got home from work. So many military spouses fill this role, and I think it's great. I often wonder if it's something I would enjoy. It was so easy for me to wake up and jump into action! Today I'm back at work, but still in bed cuz I don't want to leave the house... Hah! 

During my mock housewife day, I did make an escape to the beach for a little...

As much as I enjoyed my day, I also am thankful that I can contribute financially to our family. I am thankful for a "portable" career that has so far not been a struggle to find a job at our duty stations. I do envision myself cutting back my hours, such as if we have children. But for now, I'm thankful for my job! I'm also thankful for my days off which allow me to pretend I'm a housewife! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Check In

Y'all it feels good to be the weekend!!! I just feel like the last few weeks I have been so busy, and I really needed this weekend to chill out! I couldn't ask for a more beautiful weekend to do this. The weather today is just perfect. Not going to lie, I was a little upset I missed the high 80 degree weather last weekend. I know it will be here soon, but I am just waiting for one of those days to hit the beach!! Of course I visited the beach this week, but I want to go for a swim and I just cannot get myself to do that unless it is HOT.

This is a special weekend for Ryan and I. It marks 6 years since we met in person! Our story is definitely unique, but to briefly set the stage: Ryan was deployed to Iraq, and was roommates with my best friend's husband. They set us up while he was deployed, and we talked for the whole deployment and finally met in person this very weekend when the boys came home! I went to Camp Pendleton this week on my day off just to drive past our meeting spots. It's so amazing to be back where it all started, and I am just so thankful for my husband and the life we have together!

Of note this week: I tried a new enchilada recipe which Ryan loved. Ryan got me roses!! I think that's all the "exciting" things going on. Not going to lie, I am starting to think about our potential PCS this summer. Ryan's schooling ends in July, and we are not sure where we will be going after that (staying here or going somewhere else). To prepare for the unknown (that's an oxymoron but I am a planner so I cannot help myself) I have been doing some "spring cleaning" and going through some old things. If we stay here, it benefits us because we have less junk lying around. If we move, the load will be lighter. So either way, it's a win-win. More to come on this topic, for sure. But I am surprised with my calmness/excitement about this "unknown" which usually causes me anxiety!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Catching my Breath

I feel like I've been so busy for the last few weeks. My days off are jam packed, and my plans for the weekend were to relax and watch lifetime movies all weekend. Unfortunately, a family member died unexpectedly and I went home for 48 hours for the memorial service. I'm happy I did it, but I'm so disoriented from lack of sleep and jet lag. I'm on the way home, thankfully, but am currently on a 4 hour layover in Texas. Thank goodness for the USO volunteers - they make such a difference in airport travel. 

This past week, I went on a winery crawl in Temecula with my coworker and her sisters, and then on Wednesday my friend Deanne and I visited Venice beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Calabasas (to stock the Kardashians of course). I was so proud because I found kris jenner's address and confirmed it on google maps, but when we were driving we came across a gated community! I should have known!

The biggest disappointment of that trip was not being locked out of the Kardashian gated community. It was realizing after we headed home that we literally passed the Bachelor mansion, without a clue, and didn't stop. I know it has a huge gate around it but other people have checked it out, and with filming starting this week I'm sure we would have stumbled upon something!! Next time, for sure.

I don't arrive home until 4pm tonight. I'm hoping I can sleep on my next two connections, since I've been up since 4 am eastern time. Good luck to me falling asleep tonight for work tomorrow! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dating Myself

My husband is in training for his job, so sometimes on the weekends I'm left alone. Since I work full time, usually I just lay around and relax. Recently, he's been gone more and instead of being unproductive, I have started using this time to enjoy myself.

Yesterday I set up a whole breakfast setting for one.. Candles, hot tea with honey, eggs... and I looked at the table and laughed... Im totally dating myself

Comical, yes. But seriously. I've planned little events for myself to stay busy when he isn't here. I suppose I did this for deployments too. I have friends and family here in San Diego, but sometimes I just like being alone and collecting my thoughts. I'm good company for myself. 

Ryan and I have always been independent, albeit together and unified. It's not uncommon for us to do stuff without each other, whether we do something alone or with other people. We always laugh about those couples who are inseparable and spend 24/7 together. We laugh, though, because we know we would drive each other crazy if we were together that much! We obviously enjoy being together, but we enjoy being alone too!

Here's to "parties of one," single place settings, single glasses of wine, buying one ticket (easiest to get), and not being afraid of sitting alone!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Moment

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought "this is where I'm supposed to be" ? I surely have, but the best part is, I can get myself to this point at any time... I just have to go to the beach.I've blogged about it a thousand times. I feel most at peace and happiest when I'm at the beach. It's where my heart feels most calm. 

I spent the first two weeks of February split between Denver and the arctic tundra known as my hometown in Pennsylvania. Then I came home and worked for several days, then it was Ryan's birthday weekend. So today has been the first day in a long time that I've had to myself, and I decided I was going to the beach to relax.

Relax, I did.

I decided to explore Shell beach, and check out some of the tide pools there. It was so amazing. The water was crystal clear and there was nobody around but me! I meditated, breathed in the ocean air, and smiled the entire time I was there. I really do feel like being in the water is the most freeing and natural activity for me. Maybe in another life I was a mermaid.

The water was chilly, but the outside temperature was only in the 60s so it wasn't quite hot enough for me to fully submerge. I did go up to my waist though... I am so thankful to live here. I know as the temperature gets warmer, more people will populate the now desolate beaches. Thank goodness for my weekday off though because it's always less crowded during the week. Maybe we will have another heat wave come in before that and I'll get to swim!!

Right now I'm sipping tea, and basically delaying my daily workout. I have beeswax candles burning, as well as my essential oil diffuser sending out some lavendar in the air. Sometimes, life feels so perfect and I just want to freeze and bask in that moment.

I know I've been missing from the blogging world, but I have some changes going in right now (nothing major) and I'm excited to talk about it. Until next time!!! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Check In

Yes - I can at least check in once a week. I want to build up to more, but honestly during the week all I do is work so it's the same thing every day. This week I was a bit more adventurous, though, and went SUPing on my day off. I seriously had the entire Mission Bay to myself and it was awesome. For the first time, I risked bringing my phone out with me (I wanted to listen to music) but it would have totally sucked had I fallen.. but I didn't!

How awesome are three day weekends? I wish they were all 3 days long because its the perfect amount of time to relax, play, and be productive. We've had a wonderful weekend here in California, and still have half of it left!

Yesterday we went on one of my favorite dates we ever had. We went to Pacific Beach, in a secluded area with an amazing view of the ocean, and had a picnic and read books. We watched the sunset, and I saw the infamous "green flash." We then went to see American Sniper again, and loved it just as much as the first time.

Today we woke up early for beach yoga and quick dip in the ocean with David and Marlene. I came home and went on a bike ride, and we have a couples massage scheduled for later. How perfect right?! Also.. tomorrow will make one week that I have been gluten and dairy free!! The weather is perfect here, and everything is going just as well.

Tomorrow the Bachelor is on again, yay! I am looking forward to another day of no work... and in 2 weeks, I will be off work for 2 weeks!!! So many good things happening! Enjoy your weekend!! xoxo

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Check In

Hello!! I have emerged from underneath the covers, and I am happy to report that I survived my first week of working two jobs! It was busy and the house is a mess, but it was totally doable and I am not gonna lie... I can't wait to get my paychecks!! I am still orienting at job #2, and actually don't have anything for it this next week.

This week, we had beautiful weather in San Diego... up in the 80s! The downside was that I had to work and couldn't go to the beach or really hang outdoors to enjoy it. I have Tuesday off this week, though, and did most of my errands yesterday so I am hoping to make Tuesday my relax day!

Fun things from this past week:
1. The Bachelor premiere. I absolutely LOVE the Bachelor franchise, and I am SO thankful for DVR so that I can record it and watch it at my convenience. I am totally over all the "farmer" puns, which is bad new for me since there are like 8 more episodes.
2. The Bachelorette couple, Andi and Josh, broke up!!! Obviously, my life is pretty boring right now since my top two events from this week are about TV shows. But seriously... they were just together on the red carpet for the premiere Monday, and Thursday announced they broke up!? They have kept quiet on Social media, so I am interested to see what surfaces about this over the next few weeks. They seriously seemed so happy through all of their instagram posts, it's so odd to me!
3. I got my nails done this weekend. I seriously LOVE the place I go. This was one of my new years resolutions, to do little things like wear earrings and get my nails done to look more presentable and professional. Wearing scrubs every day is NOT very glamorous, so I have to do little things to spice it up!
4. Worked way too much... already discussed.
5. Yesterday, hubby and I laid around all day. It was AMAZING. I did sneak out for my manicure and  to pick up Indian takeout, but other than that we just relaxed, cuddled, and watched movies all day. Incidentally, I have to be a bit more productive today but it was so worth it to just relax yesterday!

As I said, one of my resolutions is to get back into blogging. Even if nobody reads this, I am always looking at it to reference and reflect things we have done! So at a minimum, I am hoping to do a weekend check in every week in order to discuss some highlights of the stuff we have going on! I may not add pictures, but you can follow me on instagram because I am posting once a day (and then some) for 2015.

Hubby and I (and my brother and Marlene) were all supposed to go to beach yoga this morning, but they all wanted to sleep rather than go... boo! I could have gone alone, but it was raining... and I didn't want to get soaked! So Sunday is already off to a lazy start... as it should be! Tomorrow is supposed to be a busy day at work, so I am chilling out while I can!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year

For whatever reason, I'm feeling very excited for this new year. I'm ready to make some positive changes in my life, and the start of a new year always creates a natural start time for this. My entire family was just here for the holiday season, and we had a wonderful time. It was a bit chillier in San Diego than I would have liked, but everyone enjoyed themselves as well as the activities and food! Speaking of food, I need to diet. And exercise. Yikes... this is the most cliche resolution, but please add it to my list. I would love to lose about 15-20 pounds.

Monday I am starting a second job, in addition to my full time job. I pray I don't go crazy, because I will be working so much extra each week. I am kind of feeling sulky this weekend, because I know it's my last chance to veg out and do nothing for a while. I keep reminding myself that it will bring a positive change though! We spent so much money over Christmas and need to rebuild our savings.

Ryan and I were reflecting about this new year 2015. We may have a move coming up (in August we will find out if we stay in San Diego or PCS). We have financial goals we want to reach as well. I already mentioned my weight loss, but I also want to work on some other dietary changes (more to come at a later time). Blogging, of course, is on the list too because I keep slacking! When I look at my blog, it is lousy!! I also want to make new friends and continue exploring our amazing city!! I want to continue moving my lifestyle to a healthier, more natural one... Hopefully as my blog posts continue throughout the year, this becomes something that we can actually see play out!! Happy new year friends, may 2015 be the best year yet!