Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dating Myself

My husband is in training for his job, so sometimes on the weekends I'm left alone. Since I work full time, usually I just lay around and relax. Recently, he's been gone more and instead of being unproductive, I have started using this time to enjoy myself.

Yesterday I set up a whole breakfast setting for one.. Candles, hot tea with honey, eggs... and I looked at the table and laughed... Im totally dating myself

Comical, yes. But seriously. I've planned little events for myself to stay busy when he isn't here. I suppose I did this for deployments too. I have friends and family here in San Diego, but sometimes I just like being alone and collecting my thoughts. I'm good company for myself. 

Ryan and I have always been independent, albeit together and unified. It's not uncommon for us to do stuff without each other, whether we do something alone or with other people. We always laugh about those couples who are inseparable and spend 24/7 together. We laugh, though, because we know we would drive each other crazy if we were together that much! We obviously enjoy being together, but we enjoy being alone too!

Here's to "parties of one," single place settings, single glasses of wine, buying one ticket (easiest to get), and not being afraid of sitting alone!

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