Sunday, March 15, 2015

Catching my Breath

I feel like I've been so busy for the last few weeks. My days off are jam packed, and my plans for the weekend were to relax and watch lifetime movies all weekend. Unfortunately, a family member died unexpectedly and I went home for 48 hours for the memorial service. I'm happy I did it, but I'm so disoriented from lack of sleep and jet lag. I'm on the way home, thankfully, but am currently on a 4 hour layover in Texas. Thank goodness for the USO volunteers - they make such a difference in airport travel. 

This past week, I went on a winery crawl in Temecula with my coworker and her sisters, and then on Wednesday my friend Deanne and I visited Venice beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Calabasas (to stock the Kardashians of course). I was so proud because I found kris jenner's address and confirmed it on google maps, but when we were driving we came across a gated community! I should have known!

The biggest disappointment of that trip was not being locked out of the Kardashian gated community. It was realizing after we headed home that we literally passed the Bachelor mansion, without a clue, and didn't stop. I know it has a huge gate around it but other people have checked it out, and with filming starting this week I'm sure we would have stumbled upon something!! Next time, for sure.

I don't arrive home until 4pm tonight. I'm hoping I can sleep on my next two connections, since I've been up since 4 am eastern time. Good luck to me falling asleep tonight for work tomorrow! 

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