Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Check In

Y'all it feels good to be the weekend!!! I just feel like the last few weeks I have been so busy, and I really needed this weekend to chill out! I couldn't ask for a more beautiful weekend to do this. The weather today is just perfect. Not going to lie, I was a little upset I missed the high 80 degree weather last weekend. I know it will be here soon, but I am just waiting for one of those days to hit the beach!! Of course I visited the beach this week, but I want to go for a swim and I just cannot get myself to do that unless it is HOT.

This is a special weekend for Ryan and I. It marks 6 years since we met in person! Our story is definitely unique, but to briefly set the stage: Ryan was deployed to Iraq, and was roommates with my best friend's husband. They set us up while he was deployed, and we talked for the whole deployment and finally met in person this very weekend when the boys came home! I went to Camp Pendleton this week on my day off just to drive past our meeting spots. It's so amazing to be back where it all started, and I am just so thankful for my husband and the life we have together!

Of note this week: I tried a new enchilada recipe which Ryan loved. Ryan got me roses!! I think that's all the "exciting" things going on. Not going to lie, I am starting to think about our potential PCS this summer. Ryan's schooling ends in July, and we are not sure where we will be going after that (staying here or going somewhere else). To prepare for the unknown (that's an oxymoron but I am a planner so I cannot help myself) I have been doing some "spring cleaning" and going through some old things. If we stay here, it benefits us because we have less junk lying around. If we move, the load will be lighter. So either way, it's a win-win. More to come on this topic, for sure. But I am surprised with my calmness/excitement about this "unknown" which usually causes me anxiety!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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