Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

I can't believe I am recapping the weekend... how is it over already?!? It started Friday after work when I went out for a friend's birthday. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning for the "Wives Day" planned with my husband's coworkers' wives. I knew NOBODY prior to going, and several of the wives were close friends. Fortunately, they were sweeties and I felt comfortable. We met up for breakfast at Great Maple in North Park and then went to the zoo.

I was only able to really talk with 3 of the wives. Several had strollers full of children (one mama had two kids in a stroller and was wearing a 3rd, you go girl) and the zoo was super busy so it was hard to connect. I am super happy I went, and I can see myself hanging out with a couple of them in the future. I will say this, and it's not to be offensive or sound uppity. It's just an observation I am reminded of when I hang out with other spouses. I am so thankful for my own identity and attributes. When I describe myself, I don't primarily identify as a "Navy wife." Of course that is on the list, but I feel like I have so many other things going on than that! I am really proud of the life Ryan and I have, and I feel like we have created such a healthy balance regarding ourselves as a couple and as individuals. I have my hobbies, and he has his. We do many things together as a couple, and we also have things we prefer doing alone or with other friends. End philosophy rant.

Saturday night I went to the beach, too. It's supposed to be chilly this week unfortunately... and when I say chilly I mean in the 60s. Oh California, you're too kind. Today I met up with my brother in the morning, and then went to Deanne's for Easter dinner. I brought cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs. It was so nice to have a big meal with our California friends.

I worked out Saturday and Sunday (yay) which is much needed. I seriously love having my own elliptical and am so happy I bought it. My mom tried to dissuade me saying that workout equipment quickly becomes a clothes rack, and I am happy to report that I think she's not right this one time!

Back to work maƱana... Can't wait to check out the Carlsbad flower fields this week! Happy Easter!!

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