Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Oh my gosh... I am back on the East coast for a visit to my hometown. Since moving to California, whenever I have come back east, I make sure to visit as many people as I can! This trip, I stopped in New York City to visit with one of my best friends from college. 

It was so amazing to sit and catch up with a girlfriend who knows everything about me, and who I can go a year without seeing but pick up right where we left off. I wish we lived closer and could hang out every weekend, but I soaked up as much friend time as I could from the visit and it will have to last a while!!  So far, my only issue with California has been making friends. I work two jobs, and have aquaintences, but I haven't clicked with anyone the way I have with my other friends.

Anyway, practically all of my family and friends live on this side of the country, so while I am here I am squeezing in a lot of visits!!! First off, can I just say it is freezing here!!! Right now the wind is blowing at 50 mph (no exaggeration) and it is raining. It's In the 40s, but I'm so used to my California weather that anything below 60 makes me bring out full Eskimo attire. It's so funny to me and my friends. This isn't even close to how cold it gets, but my California blood does not know how to deal!

My mom is at work right now, so I may drive around town or hit up the mall. It's so strange being back in a place you know so well, but also feel like you don't know at all. It's been so long since I've lived here. I always say I'm "going home" when I come here, but this doesn't feel like home, California does. Sometimes it takes leaving my comfort zone to realize certain things. I am thankful for this time with my family and friends, but I will not be upset when I get to head back to my husband and 70 degree temperatures next week!