Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Holiday Recap

Christmas is over! I can't believe how fast it came and went. I'm one of those people who takes down the tree the day after Christmas. I know some people leave theirs up until mid January, but I am always ready to get my house back in order. I switch out to fall decor in September, so by this time I am ready to bring out my normal decorations.

We spent today vacuuming, dusting, rearranging storage items, and overall cleaning the house. I love the fresh feeling of a clean home! I also love my "plain" household items and decorations. I am simplistic and love the subtle but classy look to a home. It feels good to have it this way!

Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful holiday season. It was just Ryan and I, and it was so relaxing. No fuss, just lots of movies, and sleeping in. We went to see Joy on Christmas day. I love the star studded cast and the movie did not disappoint. We also spent lots of time outdoors, and went for a long walk in Coronado. We are talking about buying a house (in like 5-10 years) so we were causally looking at houses in Point Loma. I clarify the 5-10 years though because we are adamant about not getting a "starter" home like many people do. It's a fine option and I understand why it works for some families, just not for us. We have been saving for 3 years for our house fund, but we want a huge downpayment when we find our "forever" home so it will be a few years. It's so fun to check out what is available now though!

Ryan has tomorrow off and I am crossing my fingers that I get cancelled at work... so far, no notice but a girl can dream right? I'm not complaining though because we get another long weekend together next weekend! AND it is our 6 year anniversary. We definitely had the most hurdles this year, but we overcame them and are stronger than ever.

Happy holidays to the blogger community!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Long Weekends

Have I mentioned my work schedule? It's seriously the best. I got two part time jobs and self schedule at both of them, so I work when I want. I am so thankful to be in a profession that allows that type of flexibility. Anyway, I have scheduled long weekends for myself basically every weekend this month.

I've been busy, so I needed the time for planning. I hosted Thanksgiving, and helped with my sister in law's baby shower. This weekend was the first one in a while where I was off work, but had "me" time. This time is precious and healthy, and I need to make it more of a priority. Thursday, I went to Coronado and walked up and down the beach. I smelled the fresh air, and watched the sun glisten off of the ocean. I walked all the way from base to the Hotel Del Coronado. It was refreshing and beautiful. I love that walk, and have done it many times. I listened to Christmas music and reflected on how lucky we are to live in this area.

Yesterday was Ryan's work Christmas party... at Sea World! It was a nice change of pace than what I am used to for military festivities. We had a short and sweet ceremony and dinner, and then enjoyed the park with one of our good friends who is also in Ryan's battalion. He and Ryan served together 7 years ago when Ryan met me, so he's known us since the very beginning!

Today we have been relaxing... totally glorious. Relaxing to me includes cleaning and tidying the house though. I think my husband disagrees with that practice. We have plans to see Star Wars tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. It's been a wonderful weekend, and with the holidays coming up I know the next few weekends will be quite relaxing too!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


This year... the best way to describe it is to say it was tumultuous. It's been a wild journey, with more sad and upsetting moments than happy ones. But you know what? I'm leaving 2015 in the best spirits I've been in all year. It's been a tough one, but I am happier now than I have been. I have clarity and feel grounded. That was something I was not feeling for quite some time, and it's amazing to have that feeling again. My marriage is on track and my career is solid. I'm learning to be more assertive, and to choose people in my life that also choose me.

I am back to blog! I have found that blogging is therapeutic for me. I first started blogging in 2010 when my husband was embarking on a deployment. I've since deleted and then recreated my blog in that time. Getting away from blogging has made me fall out of the community that comes along with it. I still follow the blogs of many people from 5 years ago, but I'm not sharing my story for them to read and I feel like that creates a barrier from me meeting new people through blogging.

Ryan is about to go overseas for a short period of time, and I figured this is a great time to get back in the blogger world. It's not a deployment, more like a lengthy business trip. This will give me a place to talk about what's happening while he is gone.

Rather than try to "catch up" on what's happening in our lives, I'm just going to start new with today. I'm sure past things may come up and fill in the gaps anyway. For now, let's focus on the present and future though! 

With that said, I am excited to share our lives with anyone who is out there reading!!! Stay tuned :)