Saturday, January 2, 2016


I officially feel like a Californian. After living here 18 months, we finally hiked the infamous "Potato Chip Rock" hike here in San Diego. We previously attempted it one other time, but due to park hours we couldn't finish the hike. Today we started earlier, and finally FINALLY completed it!

This hike has been on my radar since Ryan was stationed at Camp Pendleton in 2009. Due to deployments and our eventual PCS to DC, we didn't get to it. I didn't forget about it though! If you're in the San Diego/Camp Pendleton area I highly recommend it. It is an AMAZING workout. It was challenging but very satisfying to finish! I definitely recommend arriving early though to beat the crowd... we waited 90 minutes in a Disneyland style line to take our pictures. We considered skipping photos altogether but I insisted we get them!

We spent New Years Day in Pacific Beach. It was in the mid sixties, but we were bundled in North Face jackets, gloves, and hats. We laughed at ourselves... being from the east coast and midwest, we should be loving the weather here. It's funny how quickly we have acclimated to the weather here. We are officially "Californians" indeed!

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