Thursday, January 14, 2016

one week

I have successfully made it through one week solo!!! The cat is still alive and I haven't missed work, so I think all is well. Actually we have been very productive at my house!! I deep cleaned our kitchen and living room and filled a huge box with stuff to get rid of. I love purging!! My poor husband is on the other side of the world begging me not to throw anything of his out... the kid has stuff from two moves ago, still in boxes. He doesn't even know what he has!! I am being respectful of his wishes... for now ;)

I have been working extra and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. It'll be nice when my paychecks start coming through. It is definitely tiring but it helps pass the time. I can't believe he has already been gone a week! I hope the next weeks pass just as quickly at this first one! I have been working out and cooking in addition to deep cleaning.  Keeping busy is the secret for sure.

I work tomorrow and will probably come home and watch lifetime movies... just being honest. This weekend will probably be another boring, but productive one! I know this post doesn't have much content but I wanted to check in and post a mini update to celebrate the "one week" milestone :)

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