Friday, January 22, 2016

two weeks (via iPhone)

Bare with me... I'm blogging from my phone! I have been so busy the last week... So busy in fact that I didn't blog, and I missed the official "two week" mark. It's been pretty uneventful. I do feel like time has slowed down though... Im ready for Ryan to come home now!!! It'll be soon though!

As I've said, I've been working extra shifts. It's keeping me busy and getting me out of the house. The house is spotless, may I add. When I'm home it's all about relaxing! I've been exercising on my elliptical at home, and I feel like I'm holding down the fort pretty well!

Also... I made a new friend!!! This is a huge deal for me, as I have had a lot of trouble meeting people in San Diego. My only friends have moved away, and it feels so good to have met someone new!! She works at the same hospital as me, and we met by chance a few weeks ago. It was so nice to go out with a girlfriend. We already made plans for future outings... So yay!!! I have one friend here now!

It's been CRAZY watching the news, as well as my friends' social media accounts to follow the snow storm in DC... I don't think I'll ever get used to the amazing weather here. When people post snow pictures it really makes me appreciate living here!! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

This weekend I will be doing what I usually do... Grocery shopping, beach walk, lifetime movies, and relaxing. I have another full week ahead of me. I'm working over 40 hours again. It'll finally feel worth it when these pay checks start coming in. Have a great weekend!

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