Saturday, January 9, 2016

When He's Away

It has been 5 years since Ryan deployed... FIVE YEARS!!! I feel like that is unheard of in the military. The navy rotates sea duty and shore duty, so for 3 years he is on "sea duty" which means deployable, and then for 3 years he is on "shore duty" which means being at a non deployable command... but if you're a military spouse, you know there is no such thing as "non deployable." Many people deploy while on shore duty, but luckily Ryan did not. Couple that with the training he did last year, and you get 5 years of being in the US!

That is, until Thursday. But I cannot complain... his "deployment" is the shortest operation ever. I can't believe they are even sending him for as short as it is, but I am NOT complaining!! He has gone to training exercises for longer periods. However, communication is at a minimum, so that is a tiny adjustment but nothing I can't handle.

The first few days feel funny; I get sad because he is gone and I can't call him. Also, our cat got into toxic flowers not even 10 hours after he left. It was right before I had to leave for work. I had to bathe her alone, which is something that I've never done. She also had a hairball I had to clean (Ryan always does this). I am definitely missing him during these times! However, I honestly think having a pet has been super therapeutic. I do not feel alone. I am not in an empty bed at night. I remember feeling super lonely the first days of his previous deployments, but I haven't felt lonely at all. Also, I picked up extra shifts at work. I cannot imagine not working while he is gone! I would have to visit family or something. I am very grateful for my job and ability to pick up extra shifts to occupy my time!

I have a mini to-do list of things I want to organize and clean while he is gone. We are talking about moving from San Diego (where we currently live) to Camp Pendleton (where he is stationed) to help out his commute. It would make my commutes longer, but not by much. I work off hours when traffic isn't horrendous, so it won't be a hardship for me like it is for him. I will keep you posted... Have a great weekend!

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